The Journey Begins with

  • Founder President- Dr Girdhar J Gyani, Ex Quality Council of India president.
  • Eminent scholars and academicians as governing Body Members - IIT Delhi Professors, Chancellor MREI, Professor NMIMS University, Super Experts and patents owners as governing Body Members - C-DAC Director, Ex NEERI Director, IOCL Director.
  • Super senior retired officials from MOEFCC and CPCB as governing body members.
  • Hospital owners, Industrial lab owners and environmentalist as governing body members.
  • Diverse corporate captians as governing body members.
  • Chapter on Odour getting included in post graduate diploma in disaster management by NMIMS University- "Odour As Early Warning Signal For Disaster Management".
  • Governing Body Members had fruitful meeting with top officials of Goa Pollution Control Board.
  • Very fruitful VC meeting with top officials of GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation).
  • Go getter engineers, performing technocrat, corporate honchos and outstanding scholars as advisors.
  • Advance stage discussion with BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation).
  • MOU signing with IIT Delhi, PCRA, NMIMS University, KR Mangalam University.

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About Us

About Us

National Odour Research & Management Institute (OdourNORMI), a non-profitable and non- government public trust which is an advance unique technology-based Odour Research and Management institute comprising of expert team members who are working on odour research and management. NORMI comprises of expert team members drawn from various renowned Institutes from all across India. Many of them are having patents in their names in the field of Odour technologies. Odour nuisance is a growing concern at national and international level as it influences quality of life. NORMI is one of the first Odour Research and management Institute in South East Asia aiming to collaborate at National and International level with reputed International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs, Institutes and Universities to provide value-based human resources through education, training & skill development programs. Besides advanced research and public awareness programs, NORMI will be committed to SDG Targets for 2030 especially by providing solutions for mitigation of odour.

NORMI aims to conduct scientific research which is beneficial to industry, for environment, for public health and also for disaster management as well as to the society. NORMI has already been providing expertise to policy makers at Government of India level through its experts in various institutions and committees. NORMI aims to be institute of eminence in all aspects of Odour Management, Monitoring and Mitigation through research, education and training.

OdourNORMI Objectives


  • To conduct scientific research, beneficial to industry, environment, public health as well as to the society.

  • To identify, predict, evaluate and manage the impact of odour on public health & its mitigation measures.

  • To manage & deliver exclusive expertise on analysis techniques for odour management.

  • To promote and organize value-based human resource development through education, training & skill development programs.

  • To design and develop instruments for the monitoring & measuring of odour.

  • To perform sampling, analysis, monitoring and management using analytical and sensory method.

  • To provide competency-based accreditation to organization on skill development.

  • To achieve global competitiveness in research, innovation, technology and skill imparting.

  • To sensitize and generate awareness among stakeholders about Odour including its adverse impacts and solutions thereof.

  • To suggest and promote environment friendly policy framework for national and international bodies.

About Us

We are working for a better world.

Our Vision

NORMI strives for global competitive, Innovative & solution based Scientific research on Odour for enhanced ecological and economical gains to the industries and society at a large.

Our Mission

Innovative R & D for monitoring of odour and management of the odour for clean and green environment. Global competitive human resource for odour management. Extensive policy research for developing local, regional and global regulatory measures for different sectors..

Committee & Responsibility

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NORMI- Education, Training and Skill Development Programs

  • To Tie-up with the National and International Institutes
  • To Collaborate with Universities and Organizations (BMOs)
  • To Design Course Curriculum
  • To Develop data bank of institutions (colleges/universities/deemed universities/autonomous institutions) imparting environmental / health / disaster management degrees / post degree education
  • To Organize guest educational lectures in Governmental Institutions involved in policy making
  • To Explore course accreditation with NSDC
  • To Explore, identify and organize international students exchange programs
  • To Tie-up with colleges/institutions/universities for course
  • To Explore and enter into international tie ups

NORMI- Project Collaboration and MOU

  • To Identify multilateral institutions for collaborative odour research study, technologies and mitigation are available
  • To Collaborate with the Global / National / Private Sector institution
  • To Develop mechanism for regular interaction with shortlisted institutions
  • To Create data bank of probable institutions (global, national and others) involved in Odour related activities
  • To Connect with National Green Tribunal in India and such bodies in other nations
  • To Identify resources (fund based and non-fund based) for odour research study, technologies and mitigation
  • To Review and upgrade mechanism for regular interaction with shortlisted institutions
  • To Continuously review and upgrade data bank of probable institutions (global, National and others)

NORMI- Instrumentations & Laboratories

  • To Develop and continuously upgrade list of industries crippled with Odour issues
  • To Identify various parameters and elements for obnoxious odour
  • To Explore possibilities of developing Industry specific e-Noses
  • To Finalize industry specific parameters to measure obnoxius odour
  • To Deliberate & finalize list of odour measuring instruments and methodologies


  • To Identify definitive Possibilities for Project Sourcing and Project Consulting
  • To Sensitize through Introductory Letters to all Benches of NGT and concerned Ministries
  • To Develop Data Bank of Various Departments, Concerned Ministries, Critical CPSU and SPSUs
  • To Sensitize Health Departments and Environmental Boards of all States of India
  • To Apply for specific projects for Odour Monitoring and/ or Consulting and focus on assignment allotment
  • To Add Odour focused International Data Bank
  • To Sensitize Health Departments and Environmental Boards of all States of India

NORMI- Directives and Policy Framework

  • To Identify appropriate department in MoHFW and connect in reference to International policy framework for Odour SDG 3.0 (3.9), SDG 1 1.0 (11.3 and 11.6), etc.
  • To Prepare presentations for various Ministries including MoHFW
  • To Publish articles in national dailies / periodicals (health,environmental disaster management)
  • To Analyze NGT orders for Odour mitigation
  • To Identify other departments like DoPT, Institutions like IIT, etc. to make “Odour Challenges – A Serious Health Issue”
  • To Organize ‘Odour Conclave’
  • To Explore participating opportunities at international forums and represent India on Odour Issues
  • To Press upon for Odour guidelines, Directives and Policy Framework in South east Asian Nations, Arab Countries, SAARC Nations, ASIAN countries and other bucket of nations

NORMI- Infrastructure

  • To Identify locations for Campus within Campus (For Example: Municipal Solid Waste Plant; Sewage Treatment Plant; Industrial Sites; Educational Institutions; Any other as may be decided)
  • To Prepare the charter for CwC (Campus within Campus) and their usage
  • To Identify States where cheaper land is possible for setting up R&D Centre and Laboratories
  • To Identify international institutions for infrastructure support

NORMI – Odour Awareness

  • To Design and adopt Odour NORMI Olympiad – Annual Event
  • To Launch Short Film Competition
  • To Create awareness through various means of communication
  • To Conduct monthly webinars
  • To Conduct charter for shared seminars along with industry associations as partner
  • To Launch Poster competition
  • To Develop user friendly mobile application (like e bird, arogya setu) for public experiencing odour nuisance

NORMI- Research & Development

  • To Create laboratory facilities for monitoring of Odour and Chemical analysis of odour generating chemical likes Mercaptan, H2S, NH3, etc.
  • To Compile database from existing literature from the country on different aspect of Odour
  • To Identify “Odor Hotspots” through physical/online surveys and monitoring
  • To Identify & collaborate with research institutions and develop ‘state of the art’ technologies on odour problems
  • List Item to Set up full-fledged R & D Centre
  • To Develop modus operandi for Odour mapping at city level
  • To Develop facilities for Odour dispersion modelling using various modelling approach like Gaussian, Numerical and Computational fluid dynamic etc.
  • To Formulate protocol for Odour monitoring
  • To Set up source specific Odour standards
  • Development of Odour emitting factors of major sources like open drains, landfill sites Industries, water bodies
  • Odour control equipment design and fabrication

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Who we are

National Odour Research & Management Institute (NORMI), a non-profitable and non- government public trust which is an advance unique technology-based Odour Research and Management institute comprising of expert team members who are working on odour research and management.

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