Dr. Deepa Taneja

Board Member
  • Doctorate in Economic Analysis of Various Retail Chains
  • Holds a vast experience in the field of Environment, Economics, Finance and Recycling.
  • A professor of Socio-Economics and Finance for 15 years. Thereafter, moved ahead in the field of Environment and Socio -Economy.
  • For the past 15 years has been the guiding force to her environment laboratory providing services viz., environment monitoring, Calibration of Online Continuous Emission/Effluent Monitoring System.
  • Renowned personality in the field of Quality Assurance and Inspection.
  • Consulting partner in various Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) projects for the Government of Maharashtra , Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and several more.
  • Proficiency in providing consultancy to numerous industrial projects for their CSR head namely Education, Socio- economic development , Public Health and Sanitation.
  • Founder Director & First President of the Recycling Environment Industries Association of India(REIAI). Under her guidanceĀ  the REIAI organization has published several newsletters and magazines. REIA is dedicated towards sustainable future and converting our nation into a Zero Landfill Nation. Provides principles for guiding policy and priority setting, and includes an action plan for reducing and managing waste.
  • Project Consultation for Heritage City Development and Augmentation.