Prof. Mukesh Khare

Board Member
  • Professor Emeritus of Environmental Engineering in Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Delhi.
  • Fellow of Institution of Engineers India and Fellow of Wessex Institute of Great Britain.
  • Chartered Engineer obtained Ph.D. degree in Faculty of Engineering from Newcastle University, UK and managed range of Environmental projects throughout his professional career.
  • Specialization in air quality modelling, experience has covered R&D studies, teaching, consulting, modelling, editorial activities.
  • Authored more than 200 research publications, primarily for peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.
  • Authored more than 5 books and contributed a number of chapters for various publishing houses in urban air quality monitoring, modelling and management.
  • Serving as a member in High Level Task Force (HLTF) at Prime Minister Office.
  • Working as Member, EAC (Infrastructure-I and Non-Coal Mining), MoEFCC.
  • Been in various Public Sector Undertakings as Director in their respective Boards of Director.